What’s This All About Then?

The Need to Rant (Responsibly)

I am a ranty, over-opinionated gobshite, with a history of spouting off in response to things I see on social media and imposing my ill-thought through opinions on unsuspecting posters who were never actually looking to get into a slanging match with me.

Having recently banned myself from such behaviour, I found I still wanted a space to gob-off, but without bothering anyone who isn’t interested and having first organised my thoughts and taken both a deep breath and a short pause for reflection. This site is that place – essentially me muttering to myself in a quiet corner. If you are reading this, then you have chosen to join me in the corner. Thank you for visiting, you are very welcome here. Feel free to let me know if I do a Dunning-Kruger.

Stuff I am Likely to Bang On About

This is a personal site, not a blog from an expert on a particular topic such as law, science or politics. But this also not a journal about me (I am not that interesting) and nor do I intend to write about music, cricket, exercise, being fat, my day at work, what I ate for dinner, what you should have for dinner or my ‘journey’ as a husband and father.

Let’s see. I studied psychology, work in law, don’t believe in god(s), am interested in rationality and irrationality, science, knowledge and how we acquire it, society and how it’s governed, and human nature.  I suspect these may crop up.

The idea is to feast on the world, digest it using my limited experience and knowledge and then to burp up my thoughts.

Pardon me.

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